The Evolution of Investor Portals

There’s a commonly held view in the alternative investments business that managers have an unavoidable conflict with investors. Their demands for constant detailed reporting seem to compete for attention with the responsibility GPs have to effectively manage investments and maximize returns.…

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Insights from the AVCJ: trends and issues critical to the continued growth of the PE industry in Asia

In Mid-November, Hong Kong saw the largest gathering of private equity and venture capital professionals in Asia at the 25th AVCJ Hong Kong Forum. Over 1000 delegates attending and 180 industry speakers from across the globe gathered to discuss trends and issues critical to the continued growth of the industry in Asia.…

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FrontAnalytics: Fresh Insights. Dynamically.

The market continues to be excited about using FrontAnalytics to analyze and understand detailed alternative investment data.

Regulations, such as the Dodd-Frank Act, are driving changes in reporting requirements across the alternative investment community. Thus, general partners (GPs) must provide a growing amount of data to regulators.…

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