eFront CEO, Olivier Dellenbach, talks about trends in private equity software on unquote.com

“Private equity has always been a people business,” said unquote” editor Greg Gille as he began his interview with Olivier Dellenbach, eFront CEO. More and more, it seems, it’s also becoming a software business. In an unquote” video interview recorded on July 3, 2012, Gille and Dellenbach discuss the current trends and coming changes in the private equity software solutions market.…

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Alternative Investment Market

Welcome to the eFront blog.  I am pleased to launch our blog as a means for the company as well as external industry experts to communicate with the alternative investment community around the world.  Our blog will discuss various topics related to alternative investments, private equity, real estate, technology and software, and compliance that’s relevant at the country, region, and global level.  …

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